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Springfield Royal Diner - Sock Hop 2004Our Famous and Popular 'Let's Go to the Hop!'
Sock Hops or Theme Dances every second and fourth Saturday of the month
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Happy Saint Patrick's Day from the Springfield Royal Diner'You Run the Diner' - Fundraiser
Happy St. Patrick's Day Feast and Party - Wed. March 17th

Choices, a life skills school in Springfield, VT spearheads the launch of this Fund-Raising program at the Springfield Royal Diner: March 17, 2004 at 5 PM

Springfield Royal Diner 'Real Food, Fast' - OPENS May 6, 2003
with a ribbon cutting ceremony

May 6, 2003 - Ribbon Cutting ceremony for the Springfield Royal Diner

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The Royal Diner originally from Kingston NY is reborn in Springfield and opens on May 6th, 2003 in its reincarnation as The Springfield Royal Diner with sweet tunes from the Wurlitzer Jukebox and great homecooked food from the newly renovated and extended diner kitchen.

The opening is marked by a ribbon cutting ceremony assisted by the town officials and Springfield citizens. Customers were already sitting in their booths patiently awaiting for the ribbon to be cut and for the waitresses to start serving the much awaited diner fare. As soon as the ribbon was cut the Wurlitzer jukebox started playing, the waitresses started serving the delicious true diner fare. The cooks had been busily cooking since early morning preparing for the diner's first day.

Minutes before the Ribbon Cutting ceremony - waitresses take care of last minute details


Minutes before the Ribbon Cutting ceremony waitresses take care of last minute details.

The entire team wearing starched, snow white shirts with the Springfield Royal Diner logo is ready for it's first customers. The jukebox is playing 'Remember When..."

The local florist is bringing in several baskets of flowers from local businesses welcoming the much awaited arrival of this vintage diner in historic Springfield, Vermont.

The Springfield Royal Diner wait staff gathers for some lighthearted fun before the opening, looking on as Julia cuts into the first pie to be served on May 6th, 2003. The staff is ready for the Diner's first customers. Julia slices the first pie to be served.
Springfield Royal Diner roadsign The Wurlitzer Jukebox in the Springfield Royal Diner
Springfield Royal Diner roadsign. The day is overcast but the roadsign stands proud and colorful symbolizing the revival of this vintage treasure.
Wurlitzer jukebox inside the Springfield Royal Diner
CO-Owners Laurentiu and Roger take care of last minute repairs just before the opening.

Diner owners Laurentiu Traineanu and Roger Cawvey deal with last minute details before the ribbon cutting ceremony. Murphy's Law is at play here again. The light in the pie refrigerator is all of sudden not working anymore. But this is not something that will stop anyone from digging into the delicious pies awaiting their first customers.
Juli and the Diner's first customer
Albert Pixley was the first patron at the new eatery. Pixley, who said he’s been keeping an eye on the construction over the last few months, ordered the shrimp basket with a hot cocoa. He said the food was good and the atmosphere was even better. Pixley, an area resident who worked for 42 years in the machine tool industry, planned to return today with his camera.

“It’s quite attractive what they’ve done here,” Pixley said. “This is something a little more than is around here usually.”

Julia served the first diner meal to Albert Pixley.

The Springfield Royal Diner is finally open.

The diner awaits its customers on May 6, 2003

We're so glad the Diner is finally open.
Let the good times roll!

In the new diner kitchen everything is ready for some real diner fare to please any palate and craving.

The grills are sizzling, the soup is cooking and the hard to resist diner aromas fill up the kitchen.

Royal Crown Cola rules!
Royal Crown Cola rules!

Saluting USA, Vermont and Corvettes.

The sparkling shiny steel walls have received their last polish before the ribbon cutting ceremony.

The Springfield Royal Diner stands proud and clean once again!

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